Russia’s largest private power company EuroSibEnergo: key events of 2012

In 2012, EuroSibEnergo Group implemented major investment projects, building a solid foundation for its investments for 2013, which are to be increased by 30 % to RUB 20 bln. Moreover, despite a difficult situation in the industry, all key assets of the Group delivered a good operating, financial and economic performance.

OJSC Irkutskenergo:

As part of implementing the Lenskaya TPP construction project and with a view to studying additional opportunities of the resource base, OJSC Irkutskenergo acquired the rights to mineral exploitation at the Kupsky oil and gas area in the Ust-Kutsky and Nizhneilimsky Districts of the Irkutsk Region.

As part of EuroSibEnergo Group, OJSC Irkutskenergo continued consolidating heat distribution networks in various districts of the Irkutsk Region (Taishet) and outside it (Sayanogorsk, Khakassia). In 2013 the Company intends to implement this project in a number of cities in the European part of the country. In 2012, OJSC Irkutskenergo launched a large-scale housing construction project (as part of competitions held by the Russian Housing Development Foundation (RHD)). The Company began preparing for construction at four sites in the Irkutsk Region (530 thousand square meters of low-rise residential complexes, including 473 thousand square meters of low-cost housing). The construction will enable to provide housing for up to 17,500 people.

In 2012, the Company continued implementing energy efficiency measures, along with the program for increasing the efficiency of production involving the introduction of new environmentally friendly technologies, including co-firing of timber waste and coal at CHPP-7, CHPP-6 and the U-I CHPP and using waste from coal preparation plants as fuel substitute. The Company also was one of the first enterprises in Russia to get revenue from selling carbon dioxide emission reduction units (ERU) under the Kyoto Protocol (RUB 150 million); the revenue was allocated for repaying a new tranche under the supply contract for delivering rotor wheels for hydroelectric units of the Bratskaya HPP.

Shortly before the Power Engineer's Day, on December 21, 2012, electrical load at OJSC Irkutskenergo’s TPPs reached an all-time high amounting to 3,704 MW (which exceeds the previous record level reached in January 2012 by 136 MW). Since 2007, the available capacity of OJSC Irkutskenergo’s CHPPs has added 310 MW. This was possible due to the successful implementation of the program for increasing available capacity, including the following: electric power output at CHPP-9 in Irkutsk amounted to 575 MW due to the successful overhaul of the turbine units, the construction of a new heating main and the installation of a new boiler unit (overall, the implementation of all projects enabled the power plant to increase its available capacity by 210 MW); the installation of a new cooling tower No. 4 at CHPP-11 in Irkutsk was completed, which enabled to increase available capacity of the power plant by 60 MW and reach a new maximum of electrical load amounting to 320 MW; at the Ust-Ilimskaya CHPP, electrical load totaled 490 MW as the overhaul of electrical power output system and the reconstruction of cooling tower No. 3 helped to increase its available capacity by 40 MW.

OJSC Irkutskaya Elektrosetevaya Kompaniya:

On November 28, 2012, IESK energized the new substation “Ozernaya” located in the Taishetsky District. Its launch will enable to partially redistribute the power generated by the Boguchanskaya HPP in the Krasnoyarsk Territory and ensure electricity supply to the Taishet aluminum smelter and other prospective consumers in the Irkutsk Region. The construction of the 500/220/35 kV substation “Ozernaya”, which was included in the investment project of the Lower Angara Region as part of the power output system of the Boguchanskaya HPP, began in 2008.

OJSC Krasnoyarskaya HPP:

November 2012 marked the 45th anniversary of the launch of the first hydroelectric unit at the Krasnoyarskaya HPP. During this period, the power plant has generated 800 bln kWh of electricity. This figure is comparable to the volume of electricity consumed in the whole Siberian region over a four-year period.

In 2012, major technical projects were implemented at the Krasnoyarskaya HPP, including the following: 6Т and 8Т units were commissioned after the overhaul at 500 kV ORU, a V12G air circuit breaker was replaced with a gas-insulated complex, and the automated system of commercial energy metering was upgraded.

VolgaEnergo Group of Companies (Nizhny Novgorod):

In December 2012, the Group and ITOCHU Corporation signed a Memorandum on cooperation on the construction of a new power generating unit at the Avtozavodskaya CHPP. After the construction project is implemented, the electricity generating capacity of the Avtozavodskaya CHPP will total 880 MW, while the heat generating capacity will exceed 2,500 Gcal/h. Upgrades will make the Avtozavodskaya CHPP one of the largest power plants in the region and will enable it to meet the growing demand for electricity and heat in Nizhny Novgorod.

The Group acquired LLC Teploseti: VolgaEnergo started managing the company with the right to a long-term lease on municipal property. Thus, this was the final step in purchasing power generating assets which enable to create an integrated power system covering the largest districts of Nizhny Novgorod.

In December 2012, LLC Zavodskie Seti, forming part of VolgaEnergo Group of Companies, started implementing the project on the introduction of a new environmentally friendly way of water treatment, which will eliminate the need for storing chlorine and its compounds at the enterprise. LLC Zavodskie Seti will become the first enterprise to implement this plan across a large company.

OJSC EnSer (Miass):

In 2012, the renovation of a gas distribution plant (GRP-1) was completed. The facility is of strategic importance, as it is the main supplier of natural gas to CHPPs and the departments of OJSC Ural Automotive Plant during the winter heating season.

In July, after the open auction, OJSC EnSer started operating heat distribution networks in Miass. For this purpose, a city heat distribution networks department was created at the enterprise; as a result, over 250 new employees were recruited.

OJSC AKME-Engineering:

In September 2012, AKME-Engineering confirmed that its quality management system complies with the requirements of the international ISO 9001 standard. A relevant audit was conducted by TÜV SÜD Management Service GmbH, one of the undisputed world leaders in certification.

On November 20, a meeting of the Council for Economic Modernization and Innovative Development of Russia chaired by the Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev was held at the Novovoronezhskaya nuclear power plant. As part of the projects implemented in the nuclear power industry, the Prime Minister was shown a model of SVBR-100, a fast-neutron reactor unit with the lead-bismuth (liquid metal) coolant.

At the end of November, at the international research and engineering conference “Innovative Projects and Nuclear Power Technologies” held at the Research and Development Institute of Power Engineering (NIKIET), it was announced that the first pilot fuel element for the SVBR-100 reactor unit was ready. Fuel elements for SVBR-100 will be tested at the BN-600 reactor of power generating unit No.3 at the Beloyarsk nuclear power plant.

On December 13, Self-Regulatory Organization Non-Profit Partnership Soyuzatomstroy granted AKME-Engineering a certificate permitting to carry out certain types of operations which have an impact on the safety of capital construction facilities. For instance, the certificate confirms that OJSC AKME-Engineering is permitted to conduct building inspection as a customer at the facilities where nuclear power is used (facilities with nuclear power units, storage facilities for nuclear and radioactive waste and material).

Besides, this year, all the Group’s assets were actively involved in the implementation of social and environmental projects in their operating regions. These included environmental measures aimed at cleaning the shores of Baikal, educational environmental and charity events related to the World Water Day; charity and assistance in the spheres of culture, sports and healthcare, and assistance for foster homes. For instance, OJSC Irkutskenergo remains the sole founder of large and socially important non-profit organizations, such as the “ANO HK BAIKAL-ENERGIYA” bandy club and the training center NNOU TC Irkutskenergo. In December, with the Group’s support, the renovation of the Ilimsky fortress (the Irkutsk Region) was completed; this is the only renovated Russian wooden fortress in the world with original elements dating back to the 17th century; besides, a church in Miass is being decorated, and a church in Divnogorsk is being constructed.

Press service of OJSC EuroSibEnergo

December 28, 2012
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