CHPP-6 of OJSC Irkutskenergo to celebrate the 50th anniversary of its launch this year


This year, CHPP-6 of OJSC Irkutskenergo will celebrate the 50th anniversary of its launch; on December 22, 1964, the first boiler started to be heated at the CHPP. We would like to remind that CHPP-6 has been designed as an integral part of the Bratsk Timber Processing Complex. It was included in the scope of Irkutskenergo in 1965, after the first boiler and the first turbine were put into operation. CHPP-6 supplies heat and hot water to the central part of Bratsk; it also supplies industrial steam, heat and hot water to production facilities of the Bratsk Timber Processing Complex, generates electricity to meet the needs of the Bratsk Timber Processing Complex and transmits electricity to the integrated energy system of Siberia. CHPP-6 is equipped with ten BKZ-320-140 PT boiler units and five turbine units (two PT-60-130/13 turbine units and three R-50-130/13 turbine units). Its installed heat generating capacity totals 1,529.3 GCal/h, while its installed electricity generating capacity amounts to 270 MW. The total length of heating networks amounts to 416.7 km.

Today, CHPP-6 is a large power generating facility which comprises four heat generation plants forming part of a centralized heat supply system (CHPP-6, CHPP-7, the Galachinskaya district boiler house, the Gidrostroitel electric boiler house and a gas-fueled block-modular boiler house).

CHPP-6 is rightfully considered a cutting-edge power plant within OJSC Irkutskenergo’s system. In addition to ensuring reliable day-to-day operation of the power plant, its employees take on ambitious tasks and successfully accomplish them. For instance, in 2000, a completely new automated system for commercial metering of heat energy in the form of steam was installed at CHPP-6; this was the first system of this kind in Russia, and later similar systems were installed at heat generation facilities for metering hot water and measuring consumption of process inputs. Specialists of CHPP-6 were the first in the Angara Region to implement a project to build gas-fuelled block-modular boiler house No. 5 in the village of Gidrostroitel. At the end of the next year, power engineers in Bratsk plan to launch a gas-fuelled electric boiler house with a larger capacity, block-modular boiler house No. 25. Another project that may be considered unique involved CHPP-6 switching over to non-standard fuel as coal from the Irsha-Borodinsky mine was replaced with coal from the Irbeysky mine forming part of the Kansk-Achinsk coal deposit. And a project implemented at CHPP-7 that involved burning timber waste from timber processing enterprises in pulverized coal-fired boilers made it possible to dispose of a major share of timber waste in the Padunsky district.

The power plant currently employs 1,158 people. Smooth operation of CHPP-6 is crucial for operation of core enterprises in Bratsk and for providing heat and hot water supply to residential buildings. Throughout the fifty years of its operation, employees of the power plant have been making every effort to ensure that the people of Bratsk feel comfortable and the city successfully develops.

Press service of OJSC Irkutskenergo

December 04, 2014
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