The Novo-Ziminskaya CHPP of PJSC Irkutskenergo to celebrate the 35th anniversary of its launch this year


This year, the Novo-Ziminskaya CHPP of PJSC Irkutskenergo will celebrate the 35th anniversary of its launch; the first boiler started to be heated at the CHPP on November 6, 1980. Construction of the Novo-Ziminskaya CHPP started in 1972; originally, it was a division of the Ziminsky Chemical Plant. In 1973, the engineering design of the first stage of the CHPP with a capacity of 240 MW was completed. 1980 saw the start of full-scale operation of the CHPP. The first 80 MW turbine generator was put into operation in 1981. By 1983, two more boiler units, two turbine generators, cooling tower No. 1 and flue gas stack No. 1 had also come into operation. The launch of the CHPP gave impetus to the development of a centralized heat supply system in Sayansk and enabled power supply to fast-growing residential areas. The Novo-Ziminskaya CHPP was included in the energy system of Irkutsk in 1985. The town of Sayansk was rapidly developing; construction was underway; the town's electricity demand was growing. Following the launch of the fourth boiler unit in 1990, the second stage of the CHPP came into operation. 1998 saw the start of pilot operation of an automated fuel supply control system. The same year marked the start of full-scale operation of an automated process control system (APCS) of boiler unit No. 4. In 2005, a heating main connecting the Novo-Ziminskaya CHPP and CHPP-3 was put into operation. In 2012, BKZ-420-140-6 boilers were upgraded and fitted with muffle burners. This helped reduce steam load to 30% to 40% of the rated steam generating capacity to prevent surplus electricity generation in the condensing cycle. To increase the capacity of the CHPP, turbine unit No. 2 was upgraded, and in 2013 its electricity generating capacity was confirmed at 100 MW. In 2013, remediation work was carried out in the ash disposal area of the Ziminsky area of the Novo-Ziminskaya CHPP in order to reduce the environmental impact and land lease costs. In order to reduce switching and transportation costs related to coal handling, in April 2013 the company bought a Unimog U 400 rail car mover. Between August 2014 and October 2015, ash and slag waste generated in section No. 4 was disposed of in sections No. 1 and 2. This helped reduce the cost of construction of new capacities in the ash disposal area and carry out remediation work in the existing sections. Today, the Novo-Ziminskaya CHPP is a stable enterprise in the Sayansk and Zima region, whose considerable reserves enable it to supply heat and electricity to existing enterprises and facilities that are currently under construction. The power plant supplies heat to the facilities of its key consumer, JSC Sayanskkhimplast; due to its location it is also responsible for ensuring steady heat supply to two towns, Sayansk and Zima, while at the same time generating electricity which is transmitted to the integrated energy system of Siberia. The installed electricity generating capacity of the power plant totals 260 MW, while its heat generating capacity totals 818.7 Gcal/h. The power plant currently employs 378 people.

Oleg Prichko, CEO of PJSC Irkutskenergo: "The Novo-Ziminskaya CHPP is the youngest power plant within the system; nevertheless, it is a reliable element of the power generation chain. I am convinced that extensive expertise gained by power engineers working at the Novo-Ziminskaya CHPP will enable them to continue to successfully accomplish the tasks that the team of the CHPP is faced with."


Press service of PJSC Irkutskenergo

November 05, 2015
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