Corporate Training

Educational programs for Irkutskenergo employees are developed by higher and secondary educational institutes, and best training-centers with direct participation of the personnel training and development group. Thus, not only the current purposes and tasks of the Company are taken into account, but also strategic vision of top management.

Training directed to development of skills of the personal efficiency, staff management, conflicts settlement is held in the form of trainings and courses. The employees who successfully passed training can take part in the program of rotation of the administration staff and work at various projects of the Company.

Individual Programs of Development

Individual programs of development are made up for the promising employees of the company. They include special-purpose courses and seminars, and training under MBA programs.

Training at Baikal-LINK International Distance Learning Center

The following employees of the branches are directed for studying at Baikal-LINK International Distance Learning Center (

-Employees included in the Personnel Reserv-e

Middle Managers

Training is held under the modular-sized program:

Manager and Organization - BZR 631

Manager and Personnel - BZR 632

Management for the Finance and Information - BZR 633

Marketing and Quality Management - BZR 634

Process of training is supervised by tutors of the extended education center.

Corporate Seminars

Reorientation of the personnel training and development programs to carrying out of corporate seminars in Irkutsk with invitation of representatives of leading Russian higher education schools and professional development institutes is carried out in the company.

Holding of corporate thematic seminars is organized for the purpose of more effective work of certain Company divisions. As a rule, not only employees of the Executive Office, but also branches and affiliated and dependant companies' employees take part in these actions.

Corporate trainings

Training means a form of teaching and development of the personnel, in which theoretical blocks of material are minimized, and the basic attention is given to skills development.

The following trainings are held on the basis of JSC Irkutskenergo Training Unit non-state non-commercial educational institution:



-Development of Managerial Abilities

-Personal Growth

The following trainings are under development:

-Management of Personal Career (motivation)


Other trainings are in the development stage; they are made to order. Leading trainers of the Russian Federation are involved in their making up.


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