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The Unit holds the following kinds of additional vocational training programs:

· Vocational training, retraining, training for getting the second profession;

· Improvement of professional skill;

· Probation;

· Pre-examination preparation.

Work is conducted in view of regulatory legal acts, including branch and local acts.

The basic acts:

· Federal Law No. 3266-1 of the Russian Federation "On education" as of 10/7/1992.

· Federal Law No. 181-FZ of the Russian Federation "On bases of labour safety in the Russian Federation" as of 17/7/1999.

· Federal Law No. 116-FZ of the Russian Federation "On industrial safety of dangerous industrial facilities" as of 21/7/1997.

· Regulations for the vocational training of workers at the place of production in the system of the fuel and energy complex approved by the Governmental Order of the Russian Federation as of 30/5/2005.

· Order No. 432 of the Ministry of Fuel and Power of the Russian Federation as of December 21, 1999 "On measures of development of system of improvement of professional skill and professional growth of the personnel of the enterprises and organizations of the fuel and energy complex of the Russian Federation".

· Rules of the work with the personnel in electric power industry companies of the Russian Federation approved by Order No. 49 of the Ministry of Fuel and Energy of the Russian Federation as of 19/2/2000.

The Training Unit has the license for realization of educational activity (License of the Chief Administration of Comprehensive and Professional Education of the Irkutsk area A No. 055194, registration No. 2888 as of 11/1/2007) for 143 professions, state accreditation (Certificate on State Accreditation of the Chief Administration of Comprehensive and Professional Education of the Irkutsk area АА No. 168909, registration No. 1818 as of 11/1/2007) and accreditation in the System of industrial safety training (Certificate No. 139 on accreditation of Industrial Safety Scientific and Technological Centre issued by GosGorTekhNadzor (State Committee for Industrial and Mining Supervision of Russia as of 10/10/2003).

Training is conducted in several areas:

· Training of thermal technical and electrotechnical personnel;

· Training of repair and support personnel;

· Preparation of the personnel serving facilities under control of Rostekhnadzor (Russian Federal Service for Ecological, Technical and Atomic Supervision):

1. Steam and water boilers;

2. Electric boilers;

3. Under-pressure vessels;

4. Pipelines of vapor and hot water;

5. Lifting cranes; elevators (towers); lifts;

6. Facilities of gas distribution and gas consumption

· Pre-examination preparation of heads and experts working at Rostekhnadzor facilities;

· Training of personal computer users and specialization computer courses;

· Psychological trainings holding;

· Preparation of resuscitator-instructors.

Lecture rooms are equipped with necessary visual aids, training hardware and training aids.

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