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Selection of the Personnel

The basic purpose of work in the field of selection of the personnel in the Company is duly provision by the personnel of necessary qualifications and skills with the minimum expenses according to needs of the Company.

Work on selection of the personnel is carried out according to the company specification "Rules of selection and hiring of the personnel" and Regulations for the competitions holding.

The Company's staff strengthening is carried out due to internal (personnel reserve, staff transfer from branches, affiliated and dependent companies) and external sources. In order to search and attract candidates for filling vacancies, the following methods are used:

· Interaction with the employment center (at selection of workers);

· Interaction with personnel agencies (Professional, MBT, IT-Expert, Persona, and Baikal Recruiting Center);

· Direct search of candidates (at selection of the personnel to managerial posts in affiliated companies);

· Use of advertising in mass-media (Internet, printed editions);

· Interaction with schools of higher education for attraction of graduates.

Selection of the personnel to the vacant posts is carried out by competitive selection of candidates, no matter, whether candidates are attracted from the external market, or they are employees of JSC Irkutskenergo.

Principles of selection of the personnel applied in the company:

· Objectivity

· Openness

· Principle of Alternative


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Kuzivanova Anastasia

Phone number: 7(3952) 790-195

Mayakova Irina

Phone number: 7(3952) 790-833

Email for your c.v.: hr@irkutskenergo.ru

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