General Information

The power station was put into operation in 1932. The installed capacity: electric capacity - 7,5 MW; thermal capacity - 227,3 Gcal/h.

Structure and type of the capital equipment:

Three BKZ-75-39 FB steam boilers, 75 t/h productivity each. Four TP-30 steam boilers, productivity of each one is 30 t/h; ОК-35 turbine unit of st. 3 (MS 389/1 generator, 3,0 MW capacity), PR-6-35/5/1,2 turbine unit of st. 1 (T6-2U3 generator, 6,0 MW capacity), in-built electric boiler compartment consisting of four KEV-8000/6IIIC boilers. Communication of power station with the system is carried out through coupling transformers: Т-1 (TND-10000/35, 10 MW capacity), Т-2, Т-3 (ТМ-5600/35, capacity of each one equals 5.6 MW), Т-4, Т-5 (TDNS-16000/35, capacity of each one equals 16.0 MW).

Annual development of electric energy in 2004 equaled 14011 thousand kWh. Annual heat supply in 2004 equaled 509,993 thousand Gcal.

The structure of the power station includes the main thermal networks of the total length of 13.72 km, including 4.87 km of steam networks, 8.85 km of water networks, and 48.2 km of city thermal networks under the contract of rent.

Type of fuel used at the power station: Cheremkhvo black coal and Azeisk brown coal. The basic supplier of coal is JSC SUEK (Siberian Coal Energy Company). Coal is delivered in railway coaches by rail.

Water supply of Thermal Power Station-12 is carried out from "Vodokanal" city water pipe of Cheremkhovo City Municipal Enterprise

Basic Technical and Economic Indicators of the Power Station


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Unit of measurement



Installed electric capacity




Installed thermal capacity




Specific fuel consumption for the electric energy

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Specific fuel consumption for the thermal energy



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