General Information

In 2006 JSC Irkutskenergo realized the project of joining of Thermal Power Station-6 branches and Bratsk Thermal Network (BTN) to the uniform thermal unit. Now Thermal Power Station-6 represents a powerful energy facility, which unites 6 sources of the centralized heat supply of Bratsk, and also 381.2 kilometers of Bratsk network.

Central Segment

Thermal Power Station-6 is located in the city of Bratsk and provides its central part with heating and hot water; it also provides the manufacturing process of the group of the companies of Bratsk Timber Industry Complex with industrial steam, heating and hot water supply; it produces the electric power for own needs, and needs of Bratsk Timber Industry Complex, and transfers the electric power to the unified power grid of JSC Irkutskenergo. 10 boiler units of BKZ-320-140 PT type and 5 turbine units (2 TA - PT- 60-130/13 and 3 TA - R-50-130/13) are installed at TPS-6. The installed thermal capacity equals 1 571 Gcal/h. The installed electric capacity amounts to 270 mW.

Segment of Thermal Sources and Thermal Network

Bratsk Thermal Network branch was created on November 3, 1999 as a result of joining of two branches of JSC Irkutskenergo, namely Thermal Power Station-7 and North Thermal Network (NTN).

BTN produces and transports thermal and electric energy for the population, industrial enterprises of Padunsky and Pravoberezhy districts of Bratsk.

Bratsk Thermal Network includes five thermal sources:

Thermal Power Station-7 (462.6 Gcal/h), Galachinskaya Regional Boiler-House (RGB) (402 Gcal/h), Electric Boiler-House of Energetik settlement (102,6 Gcal/h), "Pursey" Electric Boiler -House (25,8 Gcal/h), "Hydrobuilder" Electric Boiler House (62 Gcal/h). The total installed capacity of thermal sources equals 1055 Gcal/h.

Thermal Power Station-7 is situated in Bratsk and is intended for provision of facilities of the construction industry and housing-and-public utilities sector of Padun and Energetik settlements with heating and industrial steam. Now the thermal power station disposes of the following capital equipment: nine Е-75-3.9-440 boilers and two R-6-35\5 turbine generating units.

Galachinskaya Regional Boiler-House of Bratsk is the source of heat participating in provision of Bratsk with thermal energy. The boiler-house has two E-75-39 FB steam boilers and three KV-TK-100 water-heating boilers.

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