General Information

The full name is Ust-Ilimsk Thermal Power Station, Branch of the Irkutsk Joint-Stock Company of Power and Electrification.

First starting complex of Ust-Ilimsk Thermal Power Station was put into industrial operation in December 1978. Initially Ust-Ilimsk Thermal Power Station was intended to form the part of the structure of Ust-Ilimsk Cellulose Plant of the Ministry of the Paper and Pulp Industry of the USSR. In March 1976, Ust-Ilimsk Thermal Power Station was transferred under Irkutskenergo ownership by the Ministry of the Power of the USSR.

In 1999 the structure of UITPS included left-bank thermal network - regional thermal network - which was spun off after reorganization of the Northern Thermal Network.

Since 1.11.2005, JSC Irkutskenergo leased out the property to the Engineering Network of Ust-Ilimsk city Municipal Unitary Unit.

Today Ust-Ilimsk Thermal Power Station is one of the largest thermal stations in the structure of JSC Irkutskenergo.

Ust-Ilimsk Thermal Power Station provides thermal loadings in the form of steam to JSC PA Ust-Ilimsk Timber Industrial Complex, thermal loadings of heating, ventilation, hot water supply, Ust-Ilimsk and the enterprises of industrial site of Ust-Ilimsk Timber Industrial Complex. UITPS also provides water supply and water drain of Ust-Ilimsk city.

Total amount of the personnel of UITPS as of 1.11.2005 is 1212 people.

Location of Ust-Ilimsk Thermal Power Station: Ust-Ilimsk city, the Irkutsk area, construction site of Ust-Ilimsk Timber Industrial Complex.

Technical Specifications of Ust-Ilimsk Thermal Power Station

The installed electric capacity of Ust-Ilimsk Thermal Power Station equals 525 MW, in view of remarking of turbine unit R-50-130/13, st. 2 into R-10-130/13 in 1991. The installed thermal capacity of turbine units equals 1070 Gcal/h.

The turbine workshop of Ust-Ilimsk Thermal Power Station has the following equipment:

· One turbine unit of st. 1, PT-60-130/13, 60 thousand kW capacity;

· Two turbine units of stations 2 and 4, R-50-130/13, 50 thousand kW capacity each; turbine unit of st. 2 in 1991 was remarked as R-10-130/13, 10 thousand kW electric capacity;

· Two turbine units of st. 3.5 Т-100/120-130, 110 thousand kw capacity each;

· Turbine unit of st. 6, Т-185/220-130, 185 thousand kW capacity

Six BKZ-420-140PT-2 boiler units are installed in the boiler shop at st. 1÷5,7 and one experimental boiler unit, BKZ-420-140-9, is installed at st. 6, steam production capacity equals 420 t/h each.

Electric boiler installation of the 2nd stage includes electric boiler installation with nominal electric and thermal capacity of 92,5 MW and 79,6 Gcal/h accordingly and consisting of 10 electric water-heating boilers of KEV-10000/10 type, 2 electric water-heating boilers of KEV 10000/6 type, 2 electric steam boilers of KEPR-2500/6 type.

Heat Supply, Water Supply and Water Drain

The structure of the first area of thermal networks (ATN-1) of Ust-Ilimsk Thermal Power Station includes 6 electric boilers of different capacity. The total installed electric capacity of all electric boilers of ATN UI as of the end of 2004 equaled 353 MW, thermal capacity amounted to 303,58 Gcal/h. Total available electric capacity of electric boiler-houses equals 247,65 MW, thermal capacity equaled 212,98 Gcal/h. Length of water thermal network is 67,4 km; length of steam lines equals 5 km.

The structure of the second area of thermal networks (ATN-2) of Ust-Ilimsk Thermal Power Station Includes 10 thermal pump stations; in the boiler-house of 3 electric boilers and 1 coal boiler are installed in Primorsky settlement, thermal capacity of the boiler-house equals 1,270 Gcal. Length of thermal network amounts to 100 km.

1 and 2 areas of water supply and the water drain have charge of:

11 water pump stations, 3 water supply points, 2 water clearing stations, 19 tanks for storage and stock of water, length of water supply system equals 210,5 km.

The system of the water drain includes 14 sewer pump stations, sewer clearing constructions of the left bank, length of the household water drain equals 146,4 km, rain drain is 1,6 km.

Technical and Economic Indicators of Work of UITPS

Actual specific fuel-equivalent consumption in 2004 equaled:

- for the supplied electric power - 311,3 g/kWh;

- for the supplied thermal power - 128,0 kg/Gcal

Production of the electric power in 2004 equaled 1161618 thousand kWh.

Structure of the fuel consumed at the station.

Firm fuel


Irsha-Borodinsky coal


tons of natural fuel


Zheronsky coal


tons of natural fuel

Liquid fuel


Furnace fuel oil


tons of natural fuel


Waste engine oil


tons of natural fuel

Electric Network

There are 0,656 km of electric networks on the balance of Ust-Ilimsk Thermal Power Station.

Fuel Supply

In 2004 Ust-Ilimsk Thermal Power Station was supplied with the power fuel extracted in Borodinsky coal strip mine of Kansko-Achinsk coal basin of the Krasnoyarsk region and Zheronsky coal strip mine of Tungus coal basin. Besides, Ust-Ilimsk Thermal Power Station was supplied with М100 Furnace fuel oil.

Design fuel for boiler units of Ust-Ilimsk Thermal Power Station is Irsha-Borodinsky brown coal (Borodinsky-1 coal strip mine) having the following indicators:

- Caloric capacity is 3740 kcal/kg (in fact in 2004 it equaled 3884 kcal/kg);

- Content as-received is 6,0 % (in fact in 2004 - 5,91 %);

- Humidity as-received is 33,0 % (in fact in 2004 - 32,2 %).

Average indicators of quality of Zheronsky coal for 2004:

- Caloric capacity - 4336 kcal/kg;

- Ash content as-received - 13,97 %;

- Humidity as-received - 24,22 %.

Environment Protection and Rational Use of Natural Resources

Ust-Ilimsk Thermal Power Station does not discharge sewage in water. Sewage of UI Thermal Power Station goes to the network of JSC PA Ust-Ilimsk Timber Industrial Complex:

- Industrial and domestic effluents - to the network of sanitary sewer,

- Industrial sewage (partially clean) - to the network of storm drain.

Factual emission of harmful substances to the atmosphere from Ust-Ilimsk Thermal Power Station for 2004 equaled 27308,186 tons, including gas substances - 13881,595 tons, stationary firm emissions of substances (boiler units, timber processing equipment, forge chimney, paint and varnish site, etc.) equaled 13423,987 tons, stationary firm emissions of substances (warehouse of coal, garages for storage of motor transport, metal cutting machine tools, welding station, an accumulator room, warehouse of the petroleum products, gas station, etc.) amounted to 2,604 tons.

In 2004 the expanded operating repair of boiler unit of st. 2 was executed; operating repairs of boiler units of st. 4,5,7 with replacement of sections of cyclonic elements of ash-collectors were performed. The given action allowed to reduce emissions of ash due to making efficiency of ash collectors normative: 45 tons a year.

Accident Risk, Traumatism and Occupation Illness

In 2004 there were six accidents, including three accidents due to fault of the personnel of Ust-Ilimsk Thermal Power Station. There were no failures and fires at Ust-Ilimsk Thermal Power Station. There was no undersupply of thermal and electric energy to consumers.

Informational Support

Software and hardware used at Ust-Ilimsk TPS are intended for the decision of problems of accounting department, economic planning department, staff department. Computers of departments and main workshops are connected with the local computer network, equipped by e-mail. The software of independent development given by JSC Irkutskenergo, purchased from foreign manufacturers is used. Work of material and settlement groups of accounting department, accounting of material resources, accounting of the personnel is automated. In WKS the common databases are used, the information is stored on the dedicated servers. Work of economic planning department, groups of capital construction, and other departments is partially automated.

Most Important Facilities Introduced in 2004:

1. Modernization of the boiler equipment of boiler units of st. 1,2,3,4,5,7 for burning coal of Zheronsky deposit has a settlement annual economic benefit of RUR 112650 thousand.

2. Modernization of the equipment of units of accounting thermal energy of UITPS (6 pieces) and creation of new units of accounting of ATN of UITPS (4 pieces) has actual annual economic benefit of RUR 6379 thousand.

3. Construction of truck scales of TS-S-A Infra-Track of JSC Tensib for static weighing of machines with coal.

As a result of commissioning of other facilities of the plan of capital construction on technical re-equipment and reconstruction, reliability of work of equipment of UI Thermal Power Station was raised, conformity of facilities with applicable standards and rules is provided.

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