About our company

About our company

The need to use Priangarje as a site for one of the largest power generation systems in Russia was predetermined by its extremely abundant resources and raw materials. The scheme of comprehensive utilization of Angara, the only river flowing out of Lake Baikal, was proposed in 1930s and implied construction of several hydraulic power plants.

The powerful Angara hydraulic power plants have provided for formation of the Irkutsk power generation system in its modern version. The races of Irkutsk, Bratsk, and Ust-Ilimsk hydraulic power plants constitute multigraded cascade from Baikal to Yenisei.

Irkutsk Joint Stock Company of Energetics and Electrification was founded in accordance with the Decree of the President of the Russian Federation dated 01 July 1992 No.721 “On arrangement of transformation of state-owned enterprises and voluntary associations of state-owned enterprises into joint-stock companies”. 40 percent of the company’s shares belong to the state.

Today, the highly-efficient power generation base of Irkutskenergo comprises various hydro- and thermal power plants: 3 hydraulic power plants, 9 thermal power plants, electricity transmission networks (including backbone transmission networks with voltage of 500 kW) and heat transmission networks.

Irkutsk power generation system is a redundant one. Taking into account its capacity and generation volumes, this power generation system can produce over 70 bn. kWh of electric power and up to 46 mln. Gcal of thermal power. The installed capacity of the Irkutsk power generation system equals 12.9 thousand MW.

JSC Irkutskenergo is one of the largest Russian companies. Based upon the results of 2004, our company ranked third among the Russian companies by volume of generated electric power, and second by volume of generated thermal power. As for Siberia, our company ranks first both by electric and thermal power in this region.

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